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How to Make Money Online | Easy ways to make money

How to Make Money Online | Easy ways to make money 10 Ways to Make Money Online, Offline and at Home How to Make Money Online: 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Can I make money online? Is making money online fast? Top 10 sort-term of Making Money Online 1. Test Websites and Give Feedback 2. Do Voice-Over Work 3. Complete Online Surveys 4. Try Mystery Shopping 5. Test Games and Apps 6. Sell Stock Photos and Footage 7. Sell Second-Hand Items 8. Sell School Notes 9. Micro Jobs 10. Sell Art and Designs   Top 10 Sort-Term of Making Money Online   1.     Review websites.  Give feedback on websites to improve their usability. 2.     Do voice-over work.  Lend your narration talents to commercials, trailers, and audio books. 3.     Complete online surveys.  Make extra cash by sharing your opinions on popular survey sites. 4.     Try mystery shopping.  Get paid to review businesses and share your experience as a customer. 5.     Test games and softwar

MS Office And Its Applications

MS Office And Its  Applications Currently, MS Office 2016 version is being used across the world and all its applications are widely used for personal and professional purposes. Applications of Microsoft Office 1. MS Word First released on October 25, 1983  Extension for Doc files is “.doc” It is useful in creating text documents Templates can be created for Professional use with the help of MS Word Work Art, colours, images, animations can be added along with the text in the same file which is downloadable in the form of a document Authors can use for writing/ editing their work 2. MS Excel Majorly used for making spreadsheets A spreadsheet consists of grids in the form of rows and columns which is easy to manage and can be used as a replacement for paper It is a data processing application Large data can easily be managed and saved in tabular format using MS Excel Calculations can be d