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How to delete social media account

How to delete social media account  A user has many types of social media accounts it has Instagram and Facebook in common. Sometimes social media also causes disturbance. If you are also troubled by social media, then want to delete social media account for a few days or forever, then today we are telling you about this. First: Temporarily deleting the account   Temporary deleting method to delete the account for a short time. Whether you have a Facebook account or an Instagram account, first you have to go to the account settings and there you have to tap on the option of 'Temporarily Disable My Account'. After this your account will be disabled, but if ever you want to reactivate your account, you just have to login with your ID again and your account will be reactive. By disabling the account for some time, your profile, photos, posts, comments, likes all remain on the server, but they can no longer be seen by other social media users. Second: Delete account permanently How