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How to know Phone is hacked ?

How to know  Phone is hacked ?     How to know phone hack, how to stop mobile hack, how to check phone hack, symptoms of mobile hacking So many types of security updates keep coming in android. Like security patch which is a separate update every month (how to fix hacked phone) you are updated to avoid virus and malware of that month. Symptoms of Find Mobile Hack   1. Your phone's battery is draining quickly. 2. Your phone is hanging. 3. POP Ads are coming on Home Screen. 4. even if you are not using the phone's data. Your data is being used 5. Some apps running in the background again and again. 6. The heat of the phone even on the off screen etc.   If any of these problems you have faced with your phone. So understand that your phone has been hacked.   How to stop mobile hacking?   what to do if phone is hacked • First of all go to Play store and click on Three Lines on the left side. Then click on Play protect then click on setting icon, here

What is Digital Marketing?

  What is Digital Marketing? digital marketing examples As we know that this era is of digital. In such a situation, if you do not know what digital marketing is, then perhaps you may be a little behind others. I am saying this because we have to move along with our changing era, otherwise we will be left behind somewhere.   And this also applies in business. Gone are the days when people used to go from house to house and tell about their things, this type of strategy is not only difficult but impossible to follow at today's door. Because it wastes a lot of time and it is almost impossible to reach so many people in such a short time. In such a situation, Digital Marketing is a great solution for marketing your products. Due to which companies can reach near their target customers in a very short time. If we talk about the last few years, we will find that the nature of advertisements has changed a lot. Earlier, people used to run their advertisements in such a place wher

How to track children's online activity? Children will be saved from the dangers of the Internet

How to track children's online activity? Children will be saved from the dangers of the Internet monitoring children's online activity In today's time it is impossible to keep children away from the internet. Along with the good things in the internet world, there is also a collection of bad things. In such a situation, many parents worry about their children that they may not start watching some objectionable content. You can't take them away from the internet, but you can keep an eye on them without hurting their feelings. Now you know how they will do it.   Watch web browsing The best way can be to keep an eye on the web browser, what they search, and what kind of sites they are active on regularly. For this you can use Google Family Link. With the help of Google Family Link, you can keep a complete track of the daily activities of the children and know what they are watching at what time. For how long was he active on that site? If you see some wrong activity,