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What is Motherboard?- Definition, Function

What is Motherboard? - Definition, Function  When we opened our computer for repair or seen it being repaired, then we must known that what is this Motherboard. You must have seen that such a device which can help all the equipment is connected, which keeps all the components together, it is called Motherboard and allows all parts of a computer to receive power among them and to communicate.   There is a lot of difference between the earlier and today's motherboard, like the first IBM PC Only one processor and some card slots in the motherboard time to time Changes have come, in which many features have been added, due to which the capabilities of the computer.   A motherboard is the backbone of any computer, it is such a link that all Components are connected to each other, as if it is working as a hub, which can be connected to The devices are interconnected They come in different formation according to the need of a user.   Basically, it is a PCB (Printed Circuit B